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My name is Chaim Simons and I was born in the Maxwell Nursing Home in Edgware Middlesex on 11 November 1942.

My father Philip (Ephraim) Simons was born in London on 27 October 1906 and died in London on 12 February 1975. His parents were members of the Simons (Shmoyshman) [paternal side], and Nagli [maternal side], families He had six brothers and one sister: Samuel (Sam), born 1903; Aaron (Harry), born 1905; Philip and his twin brother Reuben (Reg), born 1906; Israel (Irving), born 1909; Marks, born 1911; Joel (Joe), born 1913; Esther, born 1917. Incidentally the family was never sure which of the twins Philip and Reuben, was older! However, this can be easily verified, since in the case of twins the times of birth are recorded on their birth certificates.

My mother Sallie (Sarah) Zelinski was born in London on 13 September 1908 and died in Hebron Israel in her 100th year on 29 September 2007. Her parents were members of the Zielin (Zelinski) [paternal side], and Richardson (Reichert) [maternal side], families. She had two sisters and one brother: Rebecca (Betty), born 1910; Esther (Eunice , Hetty), born 1912; Montague (Monty), born 1914.

On 26 October 1933, my parents were married at the Stoke Newington Synagogue in London.

It was at about the beginning of the 20th century, that the entire immediate members of the Simons and Richardson families came over to England from Eastern Europe. as did many of the members of the Nagli family. The fourth family was the Zielins, and it was only my grandfather who came to England. The remainder of his family remained in Poland and were murdered in the Holocaust.

This book is divided into four sections, one for each of my grandparentís family and ancestors.

Each section is divided into three parts:
1. STAGES IN MY SEARCH. In it I have written in approximate chronological order the methods, I used to obtain my information, although there are some exceptions to this order. As can be seen from the text, on many occasions information found during my search was found to be incorrect at a later stage of my research.
2. THE RESPECTIVE FAMILY TREE. In giving details of the respective family trees, I have limited it to going upwards - namely to my ancestors. I have not included going sideways to my siblings etc., nor going downwards to my descendants.
3. DOCUMENTS AND PHOTOGRAPHS. In some cases the originals are of poor quality due to age etc. Increasing or decreasing the sizes of the images on the screen might give a greater clarity.


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Chart of Chaim Simons' father's genealogy
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Chart of Chaim Simons' mother's genealogy
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