The Zielinski Family



The History of the Author's Family who perished in the Holocaust


Rabbi Dr. Chaim Simons

© Copyright 2004 Chaim Simons

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This book is dedicated to the

memory of

the late members of the Zielinski Family,

the vast majority of whom

perished in the Holocaust

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Writing this book required the help and patience of numerous people and organisations. These include the following.

• Former residents of Przedecz now living in Israel, who without exception readily answered to my telephonic inquiries: these are Reuven Yamnik, Moshe Mokotov, Levi Schweitzer, Yehoshua Davidovitz, Fishel Goldman, Bela Yachimovitz, Sarah Mandlinger, Galilit Panini, Esther Berg, Mela Brand and Tzvi Grabinsky (the widower of Golda). Some were able to supply me with information on the Zielinski family; others regretted that after all this time that they could not remember anything about this family.

• Reuven Yamnik, regarded as the expert on Przedecz, who made time to talk to me for two hours in his apartment in Bnei Brak.

• Moshe Mokotov who gave me a copy of the “Yizkor Book” of Przedecz.

• Reuven Yamnik, one of the Editors of this book, who gave me permission to reproduce photographs and drawings from the book.

• David Wiscott, who translated passages of this book from Yiddish into Hebrew

• Artur Or who translated material from Polish into Hebrew.

• The Librarians and Staff of the Yad Vashem Library and Archives, the Jewish National and University Library, and the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People.

• The Staff of the Organization of Former Residents of Lodz, who supplied me with information from their Burial List of the Lodz Jewish cemetery.

• The children of Chaim Zielinski - my mother, my Aunt Betty and my Aunt Eunice who remembered some facts regarding their family in Przedecz, and their brother, my Uncle Monty, who also gave me a photocopy of a list in his possession dated 1942 of his uncles and aunts in Przedecz and permitted me to make use of his research into his family history, which briefly included the Zielinski family.

• Rose Szczech of Illinois, U.S.A., a volunteer at the Polish Genealogical Society of America, who sent me material, including a map of Central Poland showing places of Jewish interest.

• Maigorzata Koska, a member of the Polish Archives staff in Warsaw.

• Dr. Jaroslaw Porazinski, Director of the Archives at Torun.

• The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People who gave me permission to reproduce two of the documents in their Archives.

• My daughter Ayelet Yifrach (Simons) who on a “Holocaust Study Trip” to Poland succeeded in obtaining information about the family from Przedecz and Lodz.

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