Recollections of the Author

A fair amount of this book is from the author’s personal recollections. Obviously, after a period of about 30 years, inaccuracies in recollection do occur.

Archives of the Author

Minutes of the Jewish Studies Staff Association (JSSA)

Minutes of the Religious Advisory Committee (RAC)

Minutes of the Jewish Studies sub-Committee

Minutes and correspondence of the Merseyside Association of Jewish Ministers (in connection with the King David High School)

Minutes of the general Staff Association

Memoranda, reports and correspondence on the integration of Jewish Studies periods into the timetable

Correspondence etc, on the registration of non-Jews as Jews

Memoranda, Report, Observations, etc. on Committee of Inquiry

Correspondence etc, particularly with Yeshivat Dvar Yerushalayim, regarding the author’s return to Israel

Letters of appreciation and recommendation received by the author

Copies of speeches, sermons and lectures by the author

Pocket diaries for 1977 and 1978

Exercise book with shiurim given to 6th forms

Material on King David High School debate on Jewish Settlement on the West Bank Invitations to deliver lectures etc.

Miscellaneous material

News Clippings

Author’s collection of news clippings, particularly from the “Liverpool Jewish Gazette” and the “Jewish Chronicle”

Books and Booklets written by the Author

Teach Them Torah

Teach Them Torah - Amendments

Jewish-Orientated Public Examinations in Britain

How to Answer anti-Israel Propaganda

Jewish Education in a Secondary School

Evaluations of Audio-Visual Aids in Jewish Religious Knowledge (B.Phil thesis)

Catalogue of Audio-Visual Aids for Jewish Religious Education (unpublished)

Eretz Israel is Ours

Just as Relevant Today!

Journals, Yearbooks, etc.

Annual Reports (Accounts and List of Subscribers) of the King David Foundation

Hamoreh - Journal of the National Union of Hebrew Teachers

Magazine of Jewish Studies Department - King David High School Liverpool

The Record - Childwall Hebrew Congregation, Liverpool

Zionist Standard, London

Conferment of Honorary degrees and Presentation of Graduates, The Open University

Articles etc. on History of Jewish Community and Education in Liverpool

Mervyn Goodman, “The Jewish Community of Liverpool’, The Jewish Journal of Sociology, vol.38, no.2, December 1996, pp.89-104

Cyril Hershon, The Evolution of Jewish Elementary Education in England with Special Reference to Liverpool, Ph.D Thesis in Education, University of Sheffield, February 1973

Bill Williams, History of Liverpool’s Jewish Community, (Internet:

Books, etc.

Ben Ish Chai

Irving J. Rosenbaum, The Holocaust and Halakhah, Ktav: New Jersey, 1976

Memories of Kopul Rosen, ed. Cyril Domb, London, 1970

A New Partnership for our Schools, (Taylor Report), Her Majesty’s Stationery Office: London, 1977

Let My People Know, Proposals for the Development of Jewish Education, Office of the Chief Rabbi: London, 1971

Various material from the Internet on the Conversion crisis in Israel

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