The source material for almost all the documents quoted in the “Halachic discussion” section of each chapter of this book can be found following this introduction. In some cases, the same source material is utilised in different chapters and in such cases it is reproduced in every chapter where it appears.

It is strongly recommended to utilise the text of the book in conjunction with this source material.

Under each document is given the number of the reference found in the book. e.g. “ref 233” refers to footnote 233 in the book.

In general, the order of the source material is in numerical sequence. However, in many cases there are several items from a particular paper which are scattered throughout a chapter and they have been included in the first reference to that document in that chapter, and this will result in a slight deviation from this numerical sequence. Should one therefore see in the footnotes the expressions “ibid” or “opus cit”, one should look for the first mention of that particular paper in that chapter.

Should there be some non-consecutive extracts from a particular paper, they are separated by a horizontal line.

Since the quality of the various documents varies, the quality of the reproduction will vary.

Should any of the source material be difficult to read, it should be enlarged on the screen.