Divrei Torah on the Parashiot of the Chumash


For the past 20 years, I have given a Parashat Hashavua shiur every Shabbat before Kriyat haTorah. In these Divrei Torah I quote a number of words or phrases from the Parashah, and as a general rule illustrate their application today.

My methodology is to quote the word or phrase in Hebrew letters followed by the source. For example, (20:4) means the words or phrases are to be found in chapter 20 verse 4 of the book of the Chumash then being discussed. It is strongly recommended that the reader open a Chumash to see the context of the word or phrase and, if necessary, look at the English translation.

In the course of these Divrei Torah I have used a large number of Hebrew words transliterated into English letters, and, since there may be readers who are not conversant with their meaning, I have in almost every case followed these transliterations with an English translation or explanation in small letters in brackets.

For each Parashah in the Chumash I have devoted a separate chapter. (There are just two exceptions to this. One is Tazria-Metzora since Metzora continues directly from Tazria. The second is Nitzavim-Vayelech since this is in fact the Parashah of Nitzavim which in some years is divided into two.)

Since this book will generally not be read from cover to cover, but on a weekly basis in accordance with that week’s Parashah, there are some occasions when the same Dvar Torah is repeated in another Parashah.

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