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The families of my four grandparents are as follows: father’s father – Simons; father’s mother – Nagli; mother’s father – Zielinski; mother’s mother – Richardson.

At about the beginning of the 20th century, the entire immediate members of the Simons and Richardson families came over to England from Eastern Europe. as did many of the members of the Nagli family. The 4th family was the Zielinskis and it was only my grandfather who came came to England. The remainder of his family remained in Poland and were murdered in the Holocaust.

The chapter on the Zielin - Zielinski family is being rewritten in a similar style as the other three chapters. Meanwhile one can view my book entitled “The Zielinski Family of Przedecz” TO VIEW and also the chapter entitled “Amongst the six million” which gives the background to this book TO VIEW .